About: Landmark Cases

Great-West Life v. Knudson, 534 U.S. 204 (2002)

The United States Supreme Court held that a cause of action in federal court is available under ERISA for equitable restitution or constructive trust to obtain a recovery from parties or persons who actually hold the funds recovered in the personal injury action. 

Sereboff v. Mid Atl. Med. Servs., Inc., 547 U.S. 356 (2006)
The Sereboff Court clarified its previous decision in Great-West Life v. Knudson, 534 U.S. 204 (2002), and held that an ERISA-covered health plan may go to federal court to enforce the terms of their reimbursement provisions. The health plan may obtain equitable relief under ERISA section 502(a)(3) when a plan fiduciary seeks to recover an identifiable fund from a defendant.